Who are we

We are a new businesess that started in early 2017, we found that there was no options for all the non-coffee drinkers in Guernsey and decided to change that. After deciding that what Guernsey needed was just a good cup of tea, we moved forward to find the best loose leaf tea we could. Starting with just 25 varieties of tea, since we opened we have now doubled that number. No where else can you truly try before you buy when it comes to tea but here we encourage it to find just the right blend for you. As a company we are now expanding to create our own blends including our first which is our very special Guernsey Gache blend to get the true taste of Guernsey. Our staff are well educated in our various teas and will give you any information to find the right tea for you.

Why Tea?

So why did we decide on tea?

The answer is quite simple. Tea is delicious, its also a much healthier option than coffee and there is just so much variety that you can never get bored of tea. It doesn't matter if its the early morning or last thing before bed there is a tea for every occasion and every taste.


Our Aim

So what are we trying to do? 

  • Make good quality tea easily available in Guernsey.
  • Give our fellow islanders a healthier choice for their morning drinks.
  • Offer Cakes and Lunch for everyone with our choice of Vegan and Gluten Free options.
  • Show people the benefit of using Loose Leaf tea over generic tea bags.





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please note that our delivery service is currently only available in the St Peter Port office / retail areas or by prior arrangement.

Thank you.

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